The Want-it-All

For types who like to keep their options open: get all five mood-inspiring scents plus two refillable cases of your choice. No subscription necessary.

Introducing the Want-it-All

All five mood-inspiring scents plus two refillable cases of your choice.

Here's Everything You Get

Asset 19
Asset 19
Two refillable cases
Asset 1
Asset 1
All 5 scents
Asset 9
Asset 9
Packaged in limited edition Myro tote
Asset 1
Asset 1
No subscription

You Pick Two Cases—We Supply The Scents

  • The Populars

    $68(Value of $102)
    Our pale Blush pink and light Moss green keep your #shelfie chic. Did we mention these are our best sellers?
  • The Adventurers

    $68(Value of $102)
    Flame red and Royal blue for those that turn heads and make headlines.
  • The Sophisticates

    $68(Value of $102)
    Pale Blush and Slate gray for the ones who like to keep their things—and their busy mornings—understated.
  • The Minimalists

    $68(Value of $102)
    Our light Moss and deep Slate gray are perfect for keeping your surroundings zen.
  • The Wild Hearts

    $68(Value of $102)
    Blush pink and Flame red for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves...or under their arms.

Our goal was to make a deodorant case you could flaunt. But more than look good, it had to do good. So we invented refill pods that use about 50% less plastic than drugstore deodorants.

• Cap locks tight for zero leaks

• Travel friendly and TSA-compliant

• Easy to find by touch in gym bag or tote

• Durable and dishwasher safe

• 2 x 4 inches

More is More.

We are not calling this The Want-it-All for nothing. Our Bundle's all inclusive which means you also get everything wrapped in our limited edition canvas tote, you'll forgo the subscription on this one, AND the shipping's free.

We'd say that's pretty exciting for deodorant.

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