We’re giving daily routines their due.

Because doing good and feeling good should be an everyday thing. Just like deodorant.


Balance form and function.

Without forgetting actual fun. Together, they mean we all have more to look forward to every day.
When we set out to create Myro, we tried a lot of different natural deodorants.

Just to see what was out there. We found a lot that smelled good. Some that worked good. None that did both in the best possible way.

All that research helped us really define what we were after. Clean, high-performance ingredients and highest standards for keeping weird stuff out of our product and off your skin. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

Plant-Powered + Effective


Set the standard.

We always put thought, care and dare we say love into creating better experiences for our customers.
In this business, there’s one rule we don’t break. Everything else is fair game.

We want you to be happy. Even if it’s not with us. So our deodorant is 100% returnable for whatever reason. No questions asked. No strings attached. It’s our no-pressure policy. Because we were raised right.

We hope you'll enjoy the return process so much you'll decide to order from us again.

Better Vibes Guarantee


Do Good Sh*t

It’s pretty simple. Make things that consider and respect this world we’re sharing with each other.
A full-size container every time you buy? Too much. Way too much.

For us, it was the eureka moment. We set out to make deodorant better and the first thing we realized was just how much extra plastic went into the process.

So the first thing we did was design a system that made refillable 1) possible and 2) beautiful. A case you can keep on your bathroom counter and out of the landfill. Plus planet-friendly pods to top it off when it’s time.

~50% less plastic with every pod