Lifting spirits and& lowering footprints

That’s our thing.

it’s simple really

Planetary health = personal health

We help people take care of their bodies and the world we have in common. Because doing good and smelling good should be an everyday thing for every body.

everybody’s problem

Disposable culture

Every 60 seconds,
an equivalent
of a truckload of plastic enters the ocean.
Every week,
we’re ingesting a credit card’s worth of plastic.
Every year,
US adults use more plastic than their own weight.

we’re part of the solution

To-date, Myro customers have collectively saved over 30 metric tons
of plastic waste.

That’s like removing 71 million plastic straws
or 3 million plastic bags out of landfills.

Our Commitment

made for keeps, not the landfill

We always put thought, care, and dare
we say love, into creating purposeful reusable products for our customers.

Pro-you. Pro-planet too

Effective & plant-powered formulas — always clean, always vegan, 100% natural mood-inspiring scents.

do good sh*t

We make the better choice easy, effective, and fun for every body.

our eco partners

Plastic Credit Exchange
We eliminate or offset an equivalent
to 100% of the plastic we create
Leaping Bunny
We are vegan and cruelty-free.
Forest Stewardship Council
We always use responsibly forested paper
or post-consumer recycled paper.

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