Smell awesome. Feel awesomer.

Refillable deodorant that does what it should. And then some.

Natural & Effective

Our Base

Only the good stuff.

100% responsible, 0% weird chemicals. Meaning we never test on animals or use aluminum or parabens to get our stuff to work. We rely on plant-powered essentials for that.

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  • No aluminum, parabens or baking soda
  • Clean ingredients that work like crazy
  • Natural scents release over time
  • Barley powder to keep you dry
  • Cruelty-free
Our Scents

You do you. We do the rest.

Your Kit
Your scent, your case, your color for $10. We just keep the refills coming after month one.
Regular Refills
Automatic refresh every three months for $10 per pod. Delivered straight to your bathroom.
Stay Flexible
We got you. Switch scents, press pause or stop literally anytime.

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