Since we launched in August of last year we've been growing, evolving and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a relevant, pro-you, pro-planet deodorant brand. It's been largely YOUR feedback that motivated us to introduce our harder-working and more efficient Myro. So, thanks for sticking with us (had to).

Meet Myro

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We're pretty sure it's gonna be love at first swipe.

An even cleaner formula.

It's harder working with fewer ingredients. We think you'll agree it's better this way.
  • Vegan! (You asked, we listened)
  • Gluten free, soy free, mineral-oil free
  • Aloe based for a soothing, comfortable glide
  • Bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics and sage keep you smelling great
  • Natural cornstarch absorbs wetness

An even better case.

Here’s how to fill (and refill):
  • Insert fresh deo pod
  • Twist pod till you hear a "click" to lock in place
  • Turn bottom dial to move up deodorant
  • Remove green dome and enjoy

Say hello to scent switching...

It’s even more fun now that you can match your Myro to your mood. Because Monday morning might mean Pillow Talk but Saturday night is strictly Solar Flare.’s so easy.

  • Updated case makes switching scents a snap
  • Green Freshness Dome ensures your deo pods stay fresh when they’re not in use
  • Empty pods go in the recycling bin, not the trash. Remember to rinse before you toss!

Just drop it in the prepaid mailer that came with your new case and take it to your nearest USPS. We’ll properly recycle it (btw, thank you!).


Our FAQ page can sort it out (or email us at!)