The you-got-this deodorant

A hardworking, plant-powered formula + 5 mood-inspiring scents + 5 colorful (refillable!) cases = endless ways to “do you” this spring.

The you-got-this deodorant

A hardworking formula + 5 mood-inspiring scents + 5 refillable cases = endless ways to “do you” this spring.

Plant-Powered + Effective

Why You'll Love It

Inspiring Scents
Plant-powered and mood-boosting for every body
Simply Effective
Hardworking, long-lasting formula with no toxic anything
Pro Planet
Refillable case and recyclable deodorant pods FTW
Regular Deliveries
Conveniently timed for when most people need more

You do you. We do the rest.

Make It Yours
Your scent, your case, your color. We just keep it coming.
Regular Refills
Get a refresh every three months, delivered straight to your bathroom.
Stay Flexible
We got you. Switch scents, press pause or stop literally anytime.

We made it the right way.

With no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or talc to mess with your day. Only clean ingredients, barley powder to keep you dry and essential oils that release scent over time, not all at once.

All About It

Our Scents

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Reduce, reuse, refill.

Because doing good and feeling good should be an everyday thing. Just like deodorant.

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