Awesomeness in store

Our exclusive drop of brand new case colors has landed in 42 Urban Outfitters stores across the country. Find yours:

Awesomeness in store

For a limited time, shop our Myro x UO exclusive case colors*
(pre-filled with our most popular scents) in 42 UO stores across the country.
*with 2 of our best-selling case-color-and-scent combos available at

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Myro X Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ on-trend and playful vibe made them the obvious choice for our first retail collab. In store you’ll find our 2 new colors pre-loaded with our most popular scents.

  • Deco + Chill Wave
  • Our Myro green, IRL. Pairs perfectly with notes of cucumber, jasmine and spearmint.

  • Punch + Pillow Talk
  • Vibrant and refreshing. Goes amazingly with hints of amyris and violet on a bed of blushy ylang ylang.